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“August’s ability to bridge worlds and a dramatic gift for pacing shine throughout this penetrating, prescient double album that shrewdly balances melody with pulse.” -Andy Cowan, MOJO

"As its title and subject matter suggest, it’s heavy stuff, but it’s also thrilling music. It’s the kind of thing Charles Mingus used to do: make a wrathful statement about society in a way that would make you want to jump out of your chair." -Phil Freeman, Stereogum

"Attractive in creative musicality and unflinching in honesty, August offers the jazz world a masterwork in contemporary art that demands discussion, evaluation, and dissemination." -Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

"Dialogues On Race is a rich, diverse, jarring, searing, 85-minute musical narrative that seethes and shifts as it interacts with it's subject: America's racial nightmare." -Thomas Conrad, Stereophile

"The breadth of bassist Gregg August’s jazz and classical training manifests itself on this large-group offering, where a profusion of styles and orchestration combine." -Gary Fukushima, Downbeat

"Bassist / composer Gregg August could not have known what an auspicious moment he would release Dialogues On Race, a double disc, large-ensemble statement that he originally premiered in 2009. Lo and behold, the album emerges in the wake of America's public reckoning with race relations." -J.D. Considine, JazzTimes 

"Though it had a long gestation, the album version of Dialogues on Race feels perfectly on time." -Nate Chinen, WBGO

“This is music that should be widely disseminated and carefully listened to while put in the broader context we have been living for the last few decades. It is a project that gives hope for progress at last.” -Marco Cangiano, New York City Jazz Record

Gregg August, accomplished in both jazz and classical music circles, delivers an extraordinarily powerful historical perspective on the immoral deaths of young black people, and exemplifies a dialogue necessary for reform and collective healing. -Kevin Lynch, Shepherd Express

"Bassist Gregg August has somehow found the time to put out one of the most powerful, relevant albums in any style of music over the last several months." -Alan Young, Lucid Culture

"Now and then, a jazz recording arrives that, in tackling subject matter of immense import, timeliness, and gravitas, immediately identifies as a defining statement and a collection capable of making a profound mark." -Ron Schepper, Textura


Dialogues on Race

Grammy Nominated
Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album 

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